Converting a One Car Garage Into an Automotive Repair Workshop

It is amazing the level of human ingenuity that can turn a simple one car garage into a surprisingly convenient, effective and even efficient automotive workshop. automotive paint meter

Often it is only a case of finding another place to store all those bicycles lawn mowers and garden tools that clutter up most home garages. Sometimes it is just tidying up and rearranging. Other times it’s a matter of finding alternate storage or purchasing a garden shed to store the paraphernalia in. Using that off site storage can be said to be first vital step in your project of using garage space devoted almost exclusively towards an auto workshop area.

First things first. In terms of planning and rearranging interior space areas the basic procedure and strategy is to ensure that your workshop is as comfortable and pleasant possible for you to work on and upgrade cars and trucks in. Cover the walls with wallboard and paint them with a washable semi gloss latex or oil based paint. White or another similar bright color will reflect as much light as possible. It is pointless in most climates, except up north in Canada or in the northern US states to insulate garage walls generally since so much heat escapes past the typical garage door. Scrub the concrete floor with a special concrete cleaner-etcher to remove grease and grime. Patch any broken spots, and then seal the surface with not one but two coats of epoxy resin concrete floor paint. A bright color will enable you to easily locate and find lost screws and washers more easily and effortlessly.

In terms of lighting install a double tube 2.5 mm (8 foot), fluorescent fixture with a reflector in the center of the ceiling and a 1.25 meter (4 foot) double tube fluorescent over your workbench. Professional auto mechanics will advise you that a drop light is essential for working under a car’s hood and truck chassis. An old idea from an unknown amateur backyard mechanic who did things on the fly and improvised with less expensive parts and components is to use a photographer’s floodlight on a clamp or a tripod for convenient lighting. With a standard 100 watt bulb, it will provide good light, used with a heat lamp it will definitely speed up the setting of epoxy resin or fiberglass patches when working on auto- body work or painting.

For storage plan your work area so that you can have general easy access to your tools, loads of storage shelves and plenty of counter space. In a one-car garage, put narrows shelves or cabinets down one side only, and construct your major work area at the other end. That way there will be enough room to move around. Secondhand kitchen cabinets can sometimes be obtained cheaply or sometimes even free: they are properly proportioned for standing work and are efficiently planned for storage as well. Regardless storage space is of little practical use if you do not discipline yourself to put things away and in place whether in its storage place or in your tool chest. Often it can be said that the people who get the most done are the neatest. Certainly well ordered tools can only speed up your work.

Lastly always safety first in your auto repair garage. Make sure that your work area is adequately ventilated. Keep a fire extinguisher, which is fully charged and tested, in a handy and easily accessible spot in case of fire and emergency. Install a smoke alarm or alarms. Lastly keep a clearly marked first-aid kit in the shop. Have fun and profit working on your cars, trucks and other automotive vehicles.